Coming soon…personal writing advice & coaching.

Miranda Barnes has worked in writing tutorship and taught writing or related subjects for nine years, currently working in higher education teaching first and second year Creative Writing students in poetry and other genres. She has worked independently to provide writing advice and editorial services in the past, providing individualised support and guidance particular to the goals and voices of each individual. Watch this space for openings in the future for one-to-one personalised advice at a reasonable per-hour, per-term, or per-project rate.


 “At a young, impressionable age, Miranda was my muse, my mentor, and a major influence on what I put on paper. Many days, my words and thoughts drifted into her corner of the world as troubled tumbleweeds and bad static. I was easily distracted and unsettled by my surroundings. But with clarity and grace, she picked up my frequencies and ultimately transformed them into something better. She is a huge talent. Words roll off her silver tongue effortlessly, and anyone is wiser to have heeded her advice. There are many days when writing fills a void in me I didn’t know was possible, and I owe her a great debt of gratitude for it.” – Ben Aldis


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