Higher Literary Seminar – Creative Writing at the University of Stockholm

5th September 2017, Stockholms Universitet

During a recent research trip to the University of Stockholm, Sweden, I was invited to deliver a talk and reading to the Masters in Creative Writing students in their Higher Literary Seminar. I discussed my PhD research, regarding the intersection of science and spirituality in poetry, or poetry as dialogue between these areas of thought and knowledge, but focused particularly on certain methods in poetry which are successful in doing so. Including a number of poems and poets from my research, as well as considering some of my own methods in my creative thesis, I hoped to provide an insight into how these students of the craft could do so in their own work. The room was full of wonderful, engaged, and thoughtful students, as well as a number of staff and faculty. They asked insightful and thought-provoking questions, and seemed to enjoy the afternoon as much as I did. Thank you once again to the University of Stockholm for the invitation and for hosting me so kindly during my research.

More to come on the research itself, in another post!

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