Help me in my fight to stay in the UK

Edit: Thankfully, after many long months, I have now received my Leave to Remain, and have my Visa. Many massive thanks to everyone who showed me care and support during the battle, and particularly those who very kindly donated to our Fundly Appeal. 

If you are finding me here, you may not be aware of a recent and unfortunate development in my personal and professional life. Despite being in the UK since January 2013, completing my PhD, pursuing a career teaching at Bath Spa University, and marrying my longterm partner, Glynn, in August 2016 — my Spousal Visa application was refused in December. This was due to a technicality in the way my husband’s income was calculated, as he has primarily been self-employed, despite the fact that over the previous 12 months we earned more than the needed income threshold.

We have been given right to appeal, but have needed to hire an immigration attorney and proceed to Tribunal, which is a hardship we couldn’t have anticipated. More information can be found about our journey here, on our crowdfunding appeal. As well, if you feel so moved, any amount, no matter how small, can help us fight this. I have been building my life here, and this is where I need to be. Thank you, from me and Glynn.

Fundly - Help Miranda and Glynn Visa Refusal