Almanac of Lunar Songs: a poem for The Museum of the Moon!

Caleb Parkin (dear poet friend and the current Bristol City Poet) and I were commissioned by the wonderful Bristol Cathedral to write a collaborative poetic work to be read during the launch of Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon, at the Bristol Cathedral from the 11th – 30th August 2021.

The 12-part poem, embracing the various cultural names for monthly full moons, as well as a plethora of human and non-human creatures impacted by lunar rhythms, is now in situ in the form of moon-stickers guiding visitors through the cathedral.

Caleb and I read the poem on the evening of the 11th August at a private launch, with wonderful attentive audience members and the artist himself present. You can read the full poem at the Bristol Ideas website, here:

Lady Luna, you pull on our waters, our dreams. We rise 
to meet you.

Almanac of Lunar Songs


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