Formulations Launch: ICYMI

The new collaborative pamphlet from Dr Miranda Lynn Barnes and Dr Stephen Paul Wren is now officially out from Small Press! We launched Formulations in February online, with some lovely people joining us from around the world. Watch the launch now, and hear more about our collaborative process, how the forms were created, and listen to a few poems from the collection, read by both Stephen and Miranda.

The collection contains 14 new poetic forms created from 7 pairs of chemical molecules involved in the processes of biosynthesis. Each form considers elements such as number of atoms present for each chemical element, valence electrons, and single or double bonds within the molecule. The book has a brief summary of each form, along with poems written by both of the authors. Those who purchase a copy will also have access, via a QR code, to an additional PDF detailing the finer-grain representations present in each form!

Copies of Formulations can be purchased from Small Press on the Tangent Books website:

If you’re interested in having the authors come to speak about their poetry collaboration, please contact either of us via our websites! Or find us on social media: @LuminousJune or @Stephen34343631

p.s. If you’ve read Formulations and enjoyed it, please leave a brief review at Goodreads!


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