Poetry Collections

Formulations, a collaborative pamphlet of poems and new poetic forms based in chemistry (co-author Stephen Paul Wren). Published by Small Press in March 2022. Order here.


Blue Dot Aubade, a pamphlet of poems with  V. Press was published 10 October 2020.

SM_Blue Dot Aubade_Miranda Lynn Barnes_V Press


My review of UK poet Simon Barraclough’s collection Sunspots (2015) is up on Magma’s website, found here.


I wrote about poetry’s potential power in healing and mental well-being for Artipeeps in August 2013: “Poetry for Personal Change: Discovery and Wholeness.”


I have translated several poems by Mariana Ayón RV of Mexico (“Ciudades,” “Las Verdades,” “Dioses de la noche II,” “Tierra,” “Fulgores,” and “Casa”), which can be found on her site:


“Where do you draw the line?” has been accepted for publication in Issue 31 of Under the Radar, Spring 2023.

“Norwegian Trees Still Bear Evidence of a WWII German Battleship” appeared in Ink, Sweat & Tears in November 2022.

“The Dorado Outcrop” was commended in the Wildfire Words ‘Every Breath’ 2022 competition. The poem and audio are published in the online anthology. (October 2022)

“Palomino” & “Fish I Saw While Drowning” are published in DREICH’s Zoo (Animals #2). (July 2021)

“Hand in the Fire” is published in Marble Poetry Issue 8.  (February 2021)

“Ghost Light” is published in Dust Poetry Magazine‘s Portrait Issue (Issue 5) (September 2020).

“The Pinecone” is published in A Hatchery of Shadows: Poems About Plants, Brain, and the Imagination (2020, Ed. Elsa Hammond), an anthology of poems from the SciPo Conference in 2019 (the poem was commended in the themed competition).

“Eve’s Punishment” is published in the Bloody Amazing Anthology, out in September 2020.

“The Wave”, “Baby Pine” and “Promise” feature in the HOPE issue of irisi Magazine, (1st May 2020). See the feature here.

Four poems (“Electron haiku”, “The correlation coefficient”, “quantum gravity cocktail hour  & sound waves in the plasma of the infant universe”, and “Time’s Frame”) appear in the Maths Poems, a collection of poems that blurs the boundary between mathematics and poetry, and was the result of a collaboration between Bristol poetry publisher, Small Press, and Bristol University’s School of Mathematics. (More here:

“Becoming Peregrine” and “The Apple Tree and the Moon” appear in Issue 121&122 of Shearsman Magazine (September 2019).

“Foundation Stone Nine – Peridot: Planetary Nebula NGC 6210”, “Foundation Stone Eight – Beryl (Aquamarine): Neptune’s Hemispheres” and “Foundation Stone Three – Chalcedony: Orion Nebula’s Trapezium Cluster” appear in the inaugural issue of Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal (September 2019).

“blind canary” and “Otsuchi-Cho Wind Telephone” appear in Issue 70 of Tears in the Fence (September 2019).

“Spilled Berries” has been published on The Ekphrastic Review, August 2019.

“A Seizure in the Duomo” appears in Issue #71 of The Interpreter’s House, (June 2019).

“Meeting the Wolves” appears in Issue 120 of New Welsh Reader, launching 25th May 2019.

“Mirror Neurons”  now appears in Riggwelter‘s 19th issue, arriving March 2019.

Two poems, “He showed me the film,” and “Suffering,” are published on i am not a silent poet, an online journal protesting abuse, from 31st January 2019.

“I said ‘Universe'” was included in the PLAY Anthology (launched December 2018) from the publishers of The Broadsheet, Simon Williams and Susan Taylor — for a great cause. Read more and purchase your copy here.

“MRI — Left Hip” appears in erbacce press‘s anthology celebrating 70 years of the NHS (launched November 2018).

“The Toe of God” and “Heaven to the Bees, a Honeycomb in Space” were included in Nina Lewis’s Science & Maths Poetry Anthology, her last as Poet Laureate of Worcestershire, found here (pub. 10th June 2018): [Link]

“Wheeler’s Electron” appears in Lighthouse Journal #17 (May 2018).

“Hollow Years” appears on Ink, Sweat & Tears (February 2018).

“Stung” appears in Lighthouse Journal #16 (January 2018).

“Mother Multiverse” appears in Under the Radar Issue 20 Winter 2017-2018.

“Waiting for Goddard” appears in One., an online journal from Jacar Press, in Issue 14, their December 2017 issue, found here.

Five poems are included in the Bath Spa University anthology, A Place in Words, launched September 2017 in celebration of 25 years of the Creative Writing programme.

“Night Horses” and “An Angel in Headlights” appear in The Compass Magazine, Issue 5 (September 2017).

“Hum” appears in The Broadsheet 5, 2017, (September 2017).

“Song of the Severed-Hearted Woman”, an original poem inspired by Federico García Lorca’s “Song of the Seven Hearted Boy” (“Canción del muchacho de siete corazones”), in the performance pamphlet Alhambra: Flamenco, Poetry & Story from the Land of Lorca. (July 2017).

Three poems appear at irisi magazine, in their Rebirth issue. (April 2017)

Two short poems are published in Issue 13 of NOON: A Journal of the Short Poem, available online here. (March 2017)

“The Present Moment” is published in Issue #64 of The Interpreter’s House (February 2017).

“Nightmare of the Pines” appears in Cōnfingō (October 2016).

“Marine Warning: Boaters Seek Safe Harbour” was featured in Paper Swans‘ National Poetry Day pamphlet, found here. (October 2016)

“Meeting the Moon” appears in Issue #12 of Lighthouse Journal , from Gatehouse Press (June 2016).

“The Constellation’s Prayer” appears in The Cresset (December 2016).

“Abandoned Ballet” appears in the first issue of The Beacon, published by Lighthouse Poole (January 2016).

“Just Like a Pearl” was highly commended in the Plax Jewellery Poem Competition  (December 2015).

“Solvent” appears in Blue Fifth Review’s Poetry Special: September 2015.

“Season of a Wound” appears in the Winter 2011 Issue #22 of After Hours: A Journal of Chicago Writing and Art.

“After-Work Witness” was published in Ruminate Magazine‘s Issue 18: Sound & Silence, Winter 2010/2011.

“Wrung Hands” appears in the first issue of Blood Lotus Literary Journal, found here.

Three more poems (“Gentle Failures,” “Clocks,” and “Choking on the Pearl”) can be found here, as a guest post (where I also address the question “Is college education a hoax?”):

More to come…



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