Bristol Poets for the Planet Poem-a-Thon (8th February 2020)

As a satellite event to the Poets for the Planet London Poem-a-Thon in partnership with Verse Aid, Bristol poet Caleb Parkin organised a local Bristol event the same day, on 8th February 2020.

We met to read poems, connect, discuss. To draw attention to the plight of our planet. To think of the different ways we address, process, grieve, and celebrate our world. We read poems by other poets we selected from collections and anthologies, including Pascale Petit, Carrie Etter, CA Conrad, Alice Fulton, John Clare, Rachael Clyne, and many others.

Many of the poets present, including Jinny Fisher, Caleb Parkin, Lizzie Welbourne, and myself, read poems of their own addressing ecology and politics, among other environmental topics.

With many thanks to Space 238 on Stapleton Road in Bristol for their hospitality (and the photos!).

Our mission was to go home and donate £5 to an ecological charity of our choosing, since we weren’t able to participate directly in Verse Aid. My choice was Rainforest Foundation UK.

Bristol Poets for the Planet Feb 2020 - 2

Thanks also to Caleb Parkin and
Poets for the Planet

Hope to do this again soon!



Pattiann Rogers

Indecent, self-soiled, bilious
reek of turnip and toadstool
decay, dribbling the black oil
of wilted succulents, the brown
fester of rotting orchids,
in plain view, that stain
of stinkhorn down your front,
that leaking roil of bracket
fungi down your back, you
purple-haired, grainy-fuzzed
smolder of refuse, fathering
fumes and boils and powdery
mildews, enduring the constant
interruption of sink-mire
flatulence, contagious
with ear wax, corn smut,
blister rust, backwash
and graveyard debris, rich
with manure bog and dry-rot
harboring not only egg-addled
garbage and wrinkled lip
of orange-peel mold but also
the clotted breath of overripe
radish and burnt leek, bearing
every dank, malodorous rut
and scarp, all sulphur fissures
and fetid hillside seepages, old,
old, dependable, engendering
forever the stench and stretch
and warm seethe of inevitable
putrefaction, nobody
loves you as I do.


LYRA Poetry Festival in Bristol!: Interbeing – 15 March 2020

With heavy hearts, we have had to cancel this event due to concerns around the spread and severity of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19. We’re very sad to have to do this, and the decision was not taken lightly. We very much hope to reschedule the event for autumn, and details will be made available when they are solidified. Thanks to all who booked tickets for this SOLD OUT event!! We appreciate you more than you know.
I will be taking part in a poetry event at the LYRA Poetry Festival event in Bristol.  The date is Sunday, 15th March 2020. Tickets £5, glass of wine included. At Storysmith Bookshop in Bedminster! 5 pm to 6 pm.
With Deborah Harvey Rachael Clyne Dominic Fisher Susan Taylor and Simon Williams
A part of Poets for the Planet
The larger programme is amazing so be sure to have a look at other events!
LYRA festival bristol